One to One holistic coaching

Work with Olga: an award-winning entrepreneur and business advisor with a Business Management degree. Olga's goal is to empower self-employment and guide others in finding their life's purpose and spiritual connection. Overcoming a tough upbringing, she has built three businesses and recently moved abroad with her family. As a holistic coach, she assists in breaking life patterns and navigating spiritual awakenings, aided by her psychic abilities. Join Olga to discover your authentic self and limitless opportunities for your soul.

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Holistic Services & Spiritual Courses

Begin a journey of transformation and self-healing with Olga, your guide in holistic and spiritual practices. Olga's intuitive Tarot readings offer insights and clarity, aiding you in making informed decisions. Experience the power of energy healing sessions to unblock and balance your chakras, promoting a seamless flow of energy within you. Delve into an array of holistic services including manifestation Cacao ceremony, rejuvenating sound baths, and the restorative practice of crystal healing, all carefully selected to enhance your overall holistic wellbeing.

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Quantum Healing

Experience Quantum Healing with Olga, an intuitive healer. Combining energy healing, reiki, and hypnotism, this unique method relieves grief, anxiety, and stress.

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Holistic services

Embark on a spiritual journey with Olga's Divine Collection - an expertly... 

Spiritual Clothing

Spiritual clothing and home gifts for Spiritual Awakening journey. Check out our collection of Angel Numbers T-shirt, starseeds t-shirt, down the Rabbit Hole and more awakening gift ideas. All designs are made by Olga Gerogianni. Available only on this website! This collection offers worldwide shipping.

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Business consulting for startups & micro businesses

Embark on a transformative journey toward business success with Olga's personalized advisory services, designed for micro, small businesses, and startups. With a solid foundation in Business Management (BA Honors) and extensive practical experience, Olga serves as a dedicated one-on-one business advisor. Her approach transcends conventional strategies, blending business acumen with life coaching. Whether tackling startup challenges or optimizing small business operations, her expertise spans both professional and personal aspects of entrepreneurship. Olga offers comprehensive business planning, growth strategies, and life coaching to help you unlock your venture's full potential and achieve sustainable growth in today's dynamic business environment.