Hi, welcome to my bio. I am 45 years old, mum of two gorgeous boys 5 and six years old, with the youngest having Down syndrome. I relax playing chess and I am a great cook!

Hard-working individual, who has started three businesses from scratch on my own. I grew up in a low-income family, so everything I did was the result of hard work and my investments.

My 3rd business, Estia soaps Ltd, has succeeded in three years to gain seven awards, some of them global, and grew from a small room in my rented house to two floors building, employees and UK recognition.

After over 20 years of experience in leading roles in retail and wholesale, I decided to start my studies at the Open University in Business and Management. Now I have the experience and knowledge to help more people start their own businesses, even without a big budget or idea.

My approach is personal and friendly.

No smart-talking, no different people talking to you about strategies and theories. You need straightforward help so you can reach your maximum potential.

I will guide you through all the steps you need to do to start your own business and create a successful brand. 

*One thing you should know about me:

As a psychic medium, I bring a unique dimension to my services. Beyond traditional business strategies, I tap into intuitive insights, guiding you with a deeper understanding of your entrepreneurial path. Unleash the hidden potential, gain clarity, and navigate challenges with heightened intuition. Seamlessly blending psychic abilities with proven business expertise, I offer a holistic approach that empowers your decision-making process. Embrace the synergy of business acumen and intuitive wisdom to unlock extraordinary success. Experience the transformative power of combining business advisory services with psychic mediumship.

"You are dandelion and I blow your seeds."