Shipping Policies

1. Can I have products shipped internationally?

Due to our products being sourced from various suppliers, shipping options vary by collection. Products from the Spiritual Clothes collection are available for worldwide shipping. However, all other collections are limited to shipping within the UK only. Please check the shipping details for each collection before making a purchase.

Refund Policies

2. What is your refund policy for services?

We do not offer refunds for any booked and paid appointments. However, Olga Gerogianni is open to discussing rescheduling options with you. You can also reschedule your appointment directly through the link provided in your confirmation email.

3. Can I get a refund on physical products?

Refunds for physical products are processed upon contacting the supplier to authorize the refund. Please reach out to us with your refund request, and we will facilitate the process with the supplier.

Product Authenticity

4. Are the designs on the Spiritual Clothes collection unique?

Yes, all designs featured in our Spiritual Clothes collection are exclusively created by Olga Gerogianni. These designs are unique to our collection and cannot be found elsewhere. If you come across identical designs on other platforms, please report this to us immediately.

5. I purchased a course but cannot access it. What should I do?

Courses can be accessed from the members area on the Home page or via the link in the email you received upon ordering. If you're still having trouble accessing your course, please use the "Contact Us" option on our website, and we'll assist you in resolving the issue.