Sales training. Retail-Wholesale

Being a small business owner most of the time means you have to sell your products or services on your own. Selling can be overwhelming, especially if you do not have experience or if you do not find it easy to engage with people you do not know. It is even more difficult if you need to sell in a local market, a big event or even at your own store. It is also important to know how retail selling tecnhique is different than the wholesale.

If your business strategy is set to sell wholesale, then this is a different selling technique than retail. If you are not familiar with wholesale before, and you are about to exhibit in a Trade Fair, it is essential to know the selling technique that applies in B2B.

Booking this service will help you learn easy selling techniques which you can also transfer to your employees.

The meeting is adjusted in retail or wholesale. Each selling channel has different approach, so please choose the variant that you are interested in. During the session I am also offering an introduction to merchandising.

1 hour zoom session

**Group sales training available. Get in touch for more info